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Welcome to Artpeople.com, home of artist Mauricio Robalino. An artist that has worked on many different art pieces around the North West from large wall encompassing mosaics to small pieces that include elements such as metal sculpting, glass fusion, and painting.

He lives in Tacoma Washington and has done work in places ranging from Alaska to Portland and everywhere in between. He always has had a passion for creating beautiful pieces of art and works meticulously to create them day in and day out.

About Artpeople

Artpeople is managed and operated by Tacoma based artist Mauricio Robalino. He is a professional artist who's been creating art for a career since the 80's but has always had a love for creating wondrous works of art. His full time art career has spanned over several years and even before his professional career when he worked other jobs he had an immense love for drawing and creating all kinds of art. He also has a masters degree from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Some of his Artwork

Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly

Contact Us

If you are interested in any artwork by Mauricio, are a potential client, or just are curious about what he does, please feel free to use one of these following contacts:

Phone: (253)-383-8087

Mobile Phone: (253)-376-4053

E-mail: artpeople@q.com